SmCo magnet
SmCo magnets typically fall into two families of materials, ie. SmCo5 and SmCo7. It offers good magnetic and thermal stability, and excellent corrosion resistance. The highest working temperature of SmCo magnet can reach up to 350 centigrade, which makes it very suitable for the manufacturing of high performance permanent magnet motors and some environment sensitive products.
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SmCo magnet, generally written as SmCo5 and Sm2Co17, is prepared by powder metallurgy. Currently, this magnetic material is second only to NdFeB. The advantages of SmCo include high magnetic stability, temperature resistance, and excellent anti-corrosion performance, which make it a perfect alternative for sintered NdFeb magnet under special environment. But the hardness and brittleness of SmCo limits its processability.

Our Strengths

  • Hydrogenated powder ensures uniformity of particles and reduces oxidation
  • Unique particle separator and technology ensure small discreteness of particles
  • Our originally created positive pressure sintering technology improves product performance
  • Our originally created excipient adding technology helps produce customized magnet, such as magnets with low temperature coefficient and high consistency
  • Advanced mechanical processing technology enables mass production of various high precision magnets, such as magnets used in watch movement rotors, and fiber-optic communications, etc.
  • To protect the rights of customers, product molds are all designated for specific customers

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