Sintered NdFeB Magnet

Coming out in early 1980s, NdFeB permanent magnetic material is now widely applied in information industry, defense industry, automobile industry, wind power home appliance, instruments and apparatus, medical equipment, and magnetic instruments, etc.. Its main constituent is Nd2Fe14B, which has high magnetic performance. Its maximum energy density(BHmax) is over 10 times as high as that of ferrite magnet; maximum working temperature up to 250 centigrade. Also, it has good mechanical behavior, which makes it suitable for different processing modes, such as grinding, wire cutting, drilling, etc. Due to its poor performance in anti-corrosion, it must be treated with different coatings tailored to specific need (eg, Zn, Ni, Au, Epoxy, etc.).

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    NdFeB magnet is prepared by powder metallurgy. Its main metallographic phase  is Nd2Fe14B. Currently, this magnetic material has the highest magnetic performance. Its strengths include strong anti-demagnetization, and high cost-effectiveness, while its drawbacks include temperature dependence and weak anti-corrosion. However, with proper treatment of coating or plating, and by selecting product of different coercive force under different circumstances, NdFeB magnet could basically meet the requirement of different customers.

Strengths of Earth-Panda, up-to-date product technology

* We are gradually implementing and improving the advanced production process which starts from automatic strip casting, followed by hydriding and jet milling, and finally ends with sealed molding and continuous sintering.

* We have large-scale advanced machining lines. Processing machines total over 3,000 sets, capable of executing various big orders.  

* Capable of mass-producing ultra-small and ultra-large magnets, such as Φ1mm or Φ180mm etc.   

* Having the most advanced plating and surface treatment lines in China, including electroless plating, electroplating, composite plating, organic spray, and phosphate treatment.

* Adopted advanced low oxygen process to produce premium anti-corrosion magnets, and mass-produce high performance NdFeB products (higher than N45). Capable of producing and supplying radiation magnetized isotropic and anisotropic NdFeB ring magnets.

*Established ISO-based quality system, implemented 6Sigma quality management system, optimized production process, and reduced product cost.

* Advanced physical and chemical lab, and strong R&D team guarantee the production of high performance and high quality products.

* We have several senior material experts conducting research on related topics, while cooperating with famous scientific research institutes.

  The physical properties of a material are directly related to its grade. Particularly, magnetics-related parameters vary greatly from Series N to Series TH. Other parameters related to electricity, mechanics, and thermology have slight difference from grade to grade.


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